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Game Design

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Hosted by IGDA's DC chapter, the 2022 48-hour Global Gam Jam saw the theme 'duality". My teammates and I crafted our game around the duality of how we see the world vs how our cats see the world-i.e. the house kitty that sees itself a mighty warrior.

Experience this duality of perception through a collection of mini-games, from climbing the sky-scraping mountain of a cat tree, to defending the cavernous depths beneath the living room couch.


Together with seven other jammers, we made DualKitty!

During the 48-hour challenge, I was tasked with a portion of the 2D Art assets as well as all the 2D Animation asset.

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For the 2020 48-hour Global Gam Jam hosted at the Fredrick Cowork sitemy teammate and I wanted to try our hands at coding for the first time. And at the suggested of a fellow Jammer we used Scratch to do so, making the demo for our game DIACS. 


Melanie and myself drafted the overall plot, then separated to write up some creature encounters and I created some placeholder visuals. With original music once again from Mike Morton and Markell Naylor, by the end of our 48 time slot we had a working demo of our game. After which, the following months were used to see the game to completion.

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The story follows as you enter a china and glassware shop and near immediately manage to break all visible items. Thus begins your journey into the shop, to the lower dungeon employee's area, and finally to the Manager's office. Throughout your trek you encounter different creatures visiting or working in the shop and depending on your actions, have the possibility to gain items to pay off your debt to the Manager. There are five different endings available to players dependent on the number of items collected.

The Far Rings

Working alongside Heiden, Almyki, and LacTheWatcher during the 2019 48-hour Global Gam Jam hosted at the Fredrick Cowork site, we made The Far Rings. 

Heiden and Lac worked as our writers initially during the Jam while Almyki and myself created the visuals. Heiden then tied everything together with programming. Mike Morton, Markell Naylor, and Andy Stark then crafted our wonderful theme music and sound track. By the end of the GGJ, we finished our demo version of The Far Rings which is currently available on our website here. 

After our 48 hours were up, however, we were all still raring to go and wanted to see this game through to completion. Since the end of the GGJ we've worked to finish programming the remaining 12K script, any remaining graphics and CGs, as well as update and finalize other visuals.


Available now on Steam! 

" Play as Doctor Athena, a passionate young woman of mixed blood and the sole survivor of a terrible, mysterious incident.

Three days remain on the trip 'home'—with only the ship's unsettlingly polite captain and a cryptic alien war criminal for company. But is everything really as it seems? Uncover their secrets as Athena decides where she truly belongs. "

Our first task after we knew what we wanted out of our game, was concepts. I was given the job of designing our alien character, Chiron. From their body shape to their cloths and colors. Once those aspects were finalized, I moved on to drafting the three areas that appear in the game as well as the space ship's design in case it was utilized for the main menu screen.