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"Fall of the Folk" Game

Concept pieces for a project being developed by Shockwave Studio (previously Nova Star studio). Currently on hold.

I was tasked with conceptualizing the scenery of the main character encountering their home village in ruins. There had yet been a finalized design for the buildings and art style so in my concepts I played around with not only composition, but painting style and building construction as well. 

"The Far Rings" Game

Environment concept pieces and lineart for a Visual Novel game developed during the 48-hour 2019 Global Game Jam alongside Heiden, Almyki, and LacTheWatcher.

Using the ideas generated by the team, I visually conceptualized the three areas players can explore, created the lineart, then passed them along to Almyki for coloring. I also drafted some quick shapes for the game's spaceship incase we wanted it to appear on the home screen.

More can be found on our Website.

"Upon Impact" Short Film

A personal story I'm currently working to develop into a short film. It takes place in a bar owned by one of the characters, Dochsen.


To help with drawing backgrounds I created a blueprint using average sizes for all the objects, then translating that into a 3D model in Blender. You can see two color key tests I did using this model as reference.

To see more work done for this story, check out the Upon Impact page.

"Mask to Mask" Short Animated Series

A personal story I'm currently working to develop into a three episode animated series. The primary location for this story is within a massive, crystal library hidden away within a mountain on a partially frozen planet.

I've created a number of thumbnails to see what mountain form suits the planet and the story, as well as a couple interior shots of the library.


Mask to Mask is currently on the back burner while I focus more on Upon Impact and other work. To see more that I've developed for it, check out the Mask to Mask page.