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 Mask to Mask

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Mask to Mask is a story that follows Whisper, a species of beings made up entirely of energy, as they try and cope with not only the death of their parent but also the possible eradication of their species-due to the insatiable hunger of some unknown entity. Having now secluded themselves within their family's personal Sanctuary/Library on a frozen planet, they must now decide what to do when danger draws near.

This story is one that has been slowly developed over years when I need a break from a different project. It is planned to become a three episode animated series and the rough plot has been planned out but no scripting has begun. Below are various practice animations, concept pieces, and world building sketches for this story.

Library full.png
Library Study.png

In an attempt to force myself to develop more concrete ideas and concepts for this world, I attempted a sort of "Character Advent" where everyday I would make or compile a page of information about some element from Mask to Mask, whether it was just a character's design change, a species, or a locale.

Click on an image to know more or see a transcript of the written text on the page.

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