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Upon Impact

Upon Impact Bar concept2b.png

Upon Impact is a short story written and being developed into a short-film by myself. It centers around Delgora, a greed demon made of glass, and Dochsen, a local bar owner in the city.

Their previously established business contract with one another has soured and left Dochsen feeling cheated and Delgora tense as things begin to come to a head.

The current progress has the script fully drafted with revisions in progress, as well as a smaller animated video completed for practice. 

upon impact characters delgora
upon impact characters dochsen

The location of this animated short film is the bar owned by Dochsen. So to help with drawing backgrounds and keeping them consistent, I created a blueprint using average sizes for all the objects and translated that into a 3D model in Blender. You can see two color key tests I did using this model as reference.

upon impact Pub Blueprints Final.png
Upon Impact Bar concept2a.png
Upon Impact Bar concept2b.png
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