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Character Design

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"The Far Rings" Game

Concept designs for a Visual Novel game developed during the 48-hour 2019 Global Game Jam alongside Heiden, Almyki, and LacTheWatcher.

After we knew the direction we wanted to go for the GGJ, I was set off on my own to begin initial designs for Chiron-an alien NPC on the ship. With some experimentation and play the team agreed upon the more human/aquatic design. From there I began refinement and clothing design.

See more about The Far Rings on our Website.

"Upon Impact" Short Film

A personal story I'm currently working to develop into a short film. 

The story revolves around the coming apart of the business relationship between Delgora (a greed demon made of glass) and Dochsen (a bar owner who always wanted just a bit more out of life).

To see more work done for this story, check out the Upon Impact page.

"Mask to Mask" Short Animated Series

A personal story I'm currently working to develop into a three episode animated series. 

Seen here are the two secondary main characters.

Mask to Mask is currently on the back burner while I focus more on Upon Impact and other work. To see more that I've developed for it, check out the Mask to Mask page.


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