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  Moss Critters  


    Miniscule spirtes that hide and play among the clover, moss, and sticks. They're known to find a particular object they like; such as a pebble, seed pod, or bit of wood, and house their spirit inside it. They will then take bits of moss and nearby detritus to stitch together a body so as to explore the world around them.

  Pine Snakes  


    Small, snake-like creatures that typically form at the base of different conifer trees--that is, trees that bear cones. They are thought to be made from reminents of broken cones, tree sap, and soil. While some Pine Snakes retain their original brown shades, it is not uncommon to find these creatures in a variety of colors, sometimes gaining new colors to better suit their  new home. 

    Although a Pine Snake is often made of one type of cone, it is not guarenteed that they will choose to live under their birth tree. Many snakes have been spotted making homes under entirely different trees, sometimes other conifers, sometimes even deciduous trees. 

    Much like the rings of a tree, a Pine Snake's age can be estimated by both their size and the number of cone scales they're made of--collecting an average of two or three new scales every year.

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